Find out how much you’ll profit from Trump’s tax cuts:


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Let’s tell Donald Trump we don’t want his tax cuts

The day after election day, more than 63 million Americans woke up feeling scared, disappointed, and powerless in the face of a coming Trump presidency. #WontProfitFromHate is a recurring donation platform that makes it easy for you to take action, fight for causes you believe in, and refuse to benefit from the selfish machinations of a Trump presidency.

Protect your cause

Choose your charity, pick your cause, and set your monthly donation today. This is your chance to tell your friends, your family, this administration—and the world—that you #WontProfitFromHate. Whether it’s one dollar a month, $100/month or more, vote with your wallet and put your money where your mouth is.

Love still trumps hate. Tell your friends and stand up for the America we all deserve: